Let’s Connect

LML Wives Tribe– A tribe of wives and wives to be that provide support, sisterhood and strategy to strengthen our position as wives! This community is designed to foster dialogue, inspiration, and interaction amongst wives and wives-to-be. We want to share resources, improve our marriages, and HAVE FUN while helping each other live our best WIFE LIFE!

LML Men’s Lounge– A community of men that will support and encourage each other in fatherhood, marriage, relationships and our position as leaders in our homes and community! This group is designed to foster dialogue, inspiration, and interaction amongst the fellas.

The Wifey Blueprint: Mindset Makeover Masterclass (AVAILABLE Only Spring or Fall)

A 6-Week transformational journey for married and engaged women who are ready to maximize their connection with their husband or fiance’ by shifting their focus and energy on what really matters. You will gian the tools and strategies to increase your marriage mindset, mental and emotional health to experience greater love and connection. 

Digital Products

Affordable instant downloadable resources for couples that can be implemented immediately to connect and thrive in their relationship.  

Three ways to join Couples Connect: 

1. Couples Retreat– 2021 Retreat scheduled for Oct 21-24, 2021 in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Join us for the next getaway retreat. Spend some quality time with your BAE while being empowered and enjoying good times with other positive like minded couples! Click here for full details! 

2. Couples Workshops/Events- we’re planning some fun and exciting in person & virtual events… Stay tuned!!  

If you aren't enjoying your marriage you aren't doing it RIGHT!