We strongly believe that all couples need time to disconnect from their daily lives every now and then to reconnect with each other. The hustle and bustle of our daily lives that include work, the kids schedules, church activities, social activities, etc. demands our time and can take over our lives. Most couples will admit that spending time away helps them to rekindle the romance and remember their why!!! 

We believe that the work we are doing as an organization is very beneficial to couples no matter what stage their relationship is in; engaged, committed relationship, just married, or married for years! Not only are our retreats designed for couples to have a great time together but we offer empowerment sesssions to challenge, empower, and explore the LIMITS we have placed on our relationships! 


Here are a few advantages for the couples attending our retreat:

Anticipation and Excitement – organizing and planning can be the fun part! It gives couples something  to look forward to than their normal routine.

Strengthen their Relationship- spending quality time together is VERY important. Couples will be able to communicate in a fun and relaxed environment while being removed from the mundane daily life chores. The high of a great getaway can last for a little while.

Renews Intimacy- this is the gift that keeps on giving! Who doesn’t want to reignite the flames of intimacy in their relationship?

Mental Health/Self Care– it is good for everyone and their mind to getaway from it ALL and relax! Letting someone take care of you and wait on you for a change is just what the doctor ordered! Studies have shown that regular getaways lead to a better quality of life!



How can you help?

Receiving your support would be greatly appreciated! Click the link below to donate  any amount to sponsor a couple who have both the NEED and INTEREST in attending but can’t attend due to financial reasons.  Help us provide a couple with a weekend to remember and push the LIMITS in their relationship which will ultimately strengthen our communities.