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I missed my ONE MONTH blogaversary!!! If you know me you know I love to celebrate any and every victory in life!
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It has been over a month since I have started blogging!! Thank you to everyone who interacts, likes, comment, and share.  Love Minus Limits Followers ROCK!!!  I need to give a HUMONGOUS shout out to my husband, he holds me down. He supports any dream, thought, or idea I have whether it succeeds or fails.  Chapter 38 of life has taught me a WHOLE lot!! One of the things it has taught me is to learn how to position myself. Positioning myself to PROSPER in my marriage, relationship with my children, friendships, our finances, and my personal goals. I have also learned that people who say they are your REAL friends sometimes turn out to be REAL phony. It’s fine because in order to go higher you have to lose some dead weight and I am OK with that! (((Insert shoulder shrug))) People are quick to support celebrities, strangers and drama which doesn’t add anything to your life but entertainment. We need to support one another. We must lose the crab mentality, your gifts will make room for you. What GOD has for you it is for YOU!! I digress…
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I hope you find the articles helpful and can apply them to your lives and relationships. Some of you may be wondering what qualifies me to even write about relationships. Why should you take my advice? I am a lifelong learner. I have read many books on relationships and parenting.  I not only have first hand experience with joys and pains of marriage being married over 20 years. Also nurturing and learning as a mother with three TOTALLY different personalities over the past 17 almost 18 years. I am also EDUCATED, I will receive my Bachelors degree in Dec 2018. Majored in Social and Behavioral Science with a minor in Sociology. Prayerfully will be attending grad school in 2019 as well as becoming a Certified Life and Relationship Coach. Now what??? LOL!!! If there is a specific topic you would like me to write about let me know.  It has been fun thus far sharing, connecting and meeting new people! We as humans are designed for many things but to go through life alone isn’t one them!!  Say Hey in the comments below!! Would love to hear from ya..
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  1. Natalie


    Hey lady. Thanks so much. This is an encouragement to me to take the risks. It’s ok. I know you will be successful. Can’t wait until you write the book. God Bless you.

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      Thanks Natalie for saying HEYYYY!!!! Appreciate the support.. Yes take the risk chile!!! Greatest gifts are on the other side of FEAR. Book in progress… God Bless You as Well!!!

  2. Tracy


    I’m real not phony, 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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