Showcase your business the ENTIRE weekend of the Think Like A Team Marriage Retreat!

Become part of the action whether you are physically there or not! 

Our vendor table will be on display 24 hours and every day of the retreat, Thursday-Sunday. 

Business Cards $25  (per 100)

Leave a business card to connect with our guest at the retreat. 
An opportunity for guest to have your contact details for your business. 
Your business card can make a quick impression as well as a quick first impression. 

8.5 x 11 Flyer $30 (per 100)

Promote your business while grabbing the attention of our guest. 
Flyers give you the opportunity to provide details about your business and 
give guests an opportunity to learn more about what services you provide.  


Swag Bag Sponser $50 

Perfect opportunity to connect with our guest by providing a promotional item, 
discount card, business card, or flyer. Each guest will receive a swag bag and they 
will walk away with your business information included. 


Retreat Materials Ad $50

Have your business mentioned on all retreat materials. 

This is a great way to make sure every guest gets an opportunity 

to learn about your business and services. 

Physical Products $75 (per 50 items)

Want to give our guest an up close and personal look at your physical product
and give them the opportunity to purchase? We will display your physical products 

up to 50 items of REASONABLE SIZE. This gives guest an opportunity to see and touch 

exactly what they are purchasing. 

Empowerment Session Sponsor $100

An opportunity for your business to receive mention before every 

empowerment session begins. You can provide what you would like to be 

mentioned about your business. Along with mentioning your business or service 

you can choose to also have business cards or flyers on the table as well.