Healthy Communication Bundle

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The Healthy Communication Bundle is the ultimate guide to having healthy conversations even the heated ones. This bundles takes you step by step through the importance of communication, your communication style, common mistakes, techniques to communication better, and a communication check up. It also includes the 6 step guide on how to fight fair even when you disagree. Learning to TALK through conflict and provide constructive conversation makes the world of difference in your relationship. You and your spouse must practice these rules to WIN in your relationship. It is not about perfection it’s about progress. 

1 review for Healthy Communication Bundle

  1. Charmaine Marshall

    I just want you to know you have blown my mind with this bundle. The price is affordable and the material is amazing! I think everyone can utilize this whether you are a new couple or seasoned like myself. Thank you for this as the Fighting Fair I felt like you was in my house speaking to me. Sis get out my business. Thank you for redirecting my mouth and marriage.

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