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Our membership offers you the tools, support from relationship experts, and connection strategies you need to build a strong, secure marriage. Experience the joy of deeper communication, effective conflict resolution, and a truly fulfilling relationship. Sign up today and start your journey towards a happier, healthier marriage

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Don't wait for things to get better on their own. Take action now and start building the marriage you've always wanted. Join a community that's committed to your growth and relationship development!


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Transform Your Relationship Now

Using our signature 5C framework, Building Bridges to Forever we guide you through the following phases:

Phase 1

  • identify, map out and explore triggers
  • shift your perspectives and behaviors
  • understand deeper emotional needs and fears

Phase 2
Conflict De-Escalation

  • learn strategies to regulate your emotions 
  • go beneath the surface on conflict to discover true understanding
  • build emotional safety to solve conflict constructively 

Phase 3

  • gain strategies to express yourself honestly using empathy
  • recognize and modify communication patterns
  • develop active listening skills, assertive language and validation.

Phase 4

  •  align both values and goals
  • build rituals of connection
  • embrace vulnerability and deepen emotional connection.  

Phase 5

  • create an ongoing plan to enhance connection and intimacy.
  • create rituals of connection 
  • create sustainable ways to continue your forever bond

Feel a Sense of Relief

Once you begin to transform your relationship from the inside out, you will feel relieved! You will realize instead of going in circles trying to solve the “symptoms” you can make the shift to address the “systems” to effectively solve your relationship challenges. 

That’s why the Marriage Masters Membership was created, so we can extend this realization to as many couples as possible, because from experience we discovered almost all couples can benefit from the insights and strategies gained once they learn how to make that shift to transform their relationship. 


You have questions, here are the answers! If your question isn't answered here, email us at hello@loveminuslimits.org

Yes, you can gain the skills, strategies, and tools to begin applying them to your relationship. Someone has to take the first step toward a secure marriage, why not you? 

In order to have a secure bond with your spouse you have to have a secure bond with yourself. 

Yes, all the workshops are recorded and will be uploaded to the member portal within 24-48 hours after.

The workshops are for couples who desire a secure and connected marriage. You may be thinking YES that’s every couple. NO, it’s for couples who are invested in staying together and want a supportive community to learn, grow, and have fun within! 

Absolutely! The Marriage Masters Membership is designed to respect your privacy and provide a supportive environment that honors your personal boundaries. While our community encourages open communication and shared experiences, we understand the importance of privacy within intimate relationships.

Every member also agrees to the community pledge after joining the membership.

In our membership, you have the freedom to engage with the community at your comfort level. Participation in discussions, events, and activities is always optional, allowing you to maintain the level of privacy you desire.

Our primary focus is to provide you and your partner with valuable resources, expert guidance, and transformative tools to strengthen your relationship in a way that feels comfortable and aligned with your preferences.


You’re going to LOVE it here BUT unfortunately fees are non-refundable HOWEVER you can cancel at anytime! 

If at anytime you aren’t happy with your experience as a member please let us know. Reach out via email hello@loveminuslimits.org we typically respond within 24-48 hours.  

Although our membership offers immediate help with on demand access to pre-recorded live workshops we understand that sometimes 1:1 coaching is desired. You can book a free 15 minute consultation to learn about our coaching packages and to discuss how we can work together to meet your specific needs.

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