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Most People Misdiagnose the Cause of Their Relationship Problems

The REAL reason you can't fix your relationship problem

I meet with couples all the time expressing their concerns about their relationship problems such as:
one person isn't supportive, doesn't help out enough, acts selfish, inconsiderate, emotionally unavailable, verbally abusive, you get it... Most of the time they are looking for me to take a side on who is right and who is wrong but of course I can't do that! The reason why is because what they think they are arguing about really ISN'T THE PROBLEM!

What's The Real Problem

The real problem is the "system" in which they are operating as a couple. The systems can be addressed and resolved BUT not in the usual way that they've been going about them by criticizing, blaming, constant arguing, or shutting down. You have to begin addressing the problems from the inside out in order to transform your marriage. Once you begin to do this your whole relationship will shift. You can begin working together and stop sweating the small stuff.

Break Free -Address the Real Issue

Once I help couples get to this realization that there is an underlying issue in their marriage- they are relieved! They begin to realize all they have to do is address the system and learn what's really behind all the conflict and dissatisfaction of not feeling heard and seen to stop arguing over the same things or feeling stuck or not satisfied in their relationship. Then they can begin creating a supportive, fun, and secure relationship.

WE Understand your frustration

Don't Give Up Too Soon


If you don’t know or can’t see what’s wrong how do you break free? It’s not over for your relationship just because you have problems. We say that because there is a better way to transform your relationship and gain a new perspective. Once you and your spouse get this new perspective your relationship will shift. 

You begin to work together with a teamwork approach and stop sweating the small stuff to have a supportive and secure relationship. Don’t give up on your marriage before you learn everything you can about what’s really wrong, and do everything you can to make it right. 

You deserve to experience the joy of a connected marriage that other couples are enjoying too! 

Feel a Sense of Relief

Once couples began to realize they can transform their relationship from the inside out, and they don’t have to end their relationship, they feel relieved! They begin to realize instead of going in circles trying to solve the “symptoms” they can shift to address the “systems” to effectively solve their relationship problems. 

That’s why I have created the Marriage Masters Membership so I can extend this realization to as many couples as possible, because from my experience I discovered almost all couples can benefit from the insights and strategies gained once they learn how to make that shift to transform their relationship. 

Transform Your Relationship Now

Using my signature 5C framework, Building Bridges to Forever  I coach couples on their transformation journey to bridge the gap from feeling disconnected, frustrated, and overwhelmed to feeling connected, fulfilled, and secure. 

Phase 1

During the clarity phase we will be identifying, mapping, and exploring emotional responses that trigger negative emotional responses in both of you. This allows couples to shift their perspectives and behaviors, and figure out their deeper emotional needs and fears leading to a more secure and fulfilling relationship.

Phase 2
Conflict De-Escalation

During the conflict de-escalation phase we will practice emotion regulation, focusing on attachment needs, changing interaction patterns, repair blow ups, and build emotional safety. This phase empowers couples to navigate conflicts more constructively to have a deeper connection in their relationship.

Phase 3

During the communication phase you will gain strategies to express our emotions honestly using empathy, recognize and modify communication patterns, develop active listening skills, and practice assertive language and validation. These strategies enable couples to communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts constructively, and deepen emotional intimacy in their relationship.

Phase 4

The commitment phase is all about exploring attachment bonds, aligning values and goals, building rituals of connection, addressing fears and insecurities, reinforcing mutual support, practicing joint decision-making, engaging in commitment exercises, embracing vulnerability, and celebrating relationship milestones. These strategies will give your relationship a strong sense of commitment, trust, and emotional connection.  

Phase 5

This is the phase where we bring all the tools and strategies together to create an ongoing plan to enhance connection and intimacy. By embracing emotional responsiveness, building empathetic communication, exploring attachment needs, creating rituals of connection, and nurturing emotional safety to  strengthen your relationship to last forever. After this phase you will be a master at navigating challenges, celebrate successes, and growing together in love and understanding for a lifetime. 

Plus A Supportive Community

The BEST part of this membership is the supportive community you will gain. We have been intentional about creating a supportive space for couples on a journey to learn, grow, and have fun as we build secure and connected marriages to thrive.

Our community comes together in person and virtually for luxury events as well as for the monthly enrichment workshops.

It’s a WIN WIN for couples!! 

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Monthly Workshops- 90 minute marriage enrichment workshops via Zoom, recorded and uploaded to portal. 

Member Starter Pack- personalized welcome letter, membership black card, and promise bands. 

Resource Hub- a digital resource full of eBooks, checklist, guides, detailed date night ideas, and much more! 

Discounts & Perks- receive 20% off at events and LML store, plus ticket priority registration and getaway registration (no discount) 

Member Only Events- twice a year enjoy fun events virtually with community only members (cooking class, paint & sip, etc.) 

Clarity Session Access- 1- 30 minute clarity session per month to ask specific questions or how to apply skills from workshops. 


You have questions, I have answers!

Yes, you can gain the skills, strategies, and tools to begin applying them to your relationship. Someone has to take the first step toward a secure marriage, why not you? 

In order to have a secure bond with your spouse you have to have a secure bond with yourself. 

Yes, all the workshops are recorded and will be uploaded to the member portal within 24-48 hours after the masterclass. 

The workshops are for couples who desire a secure and connected marriage. You may be thinking YES that’s every couple. NO, it’s for couples who are invested in staying together and want a supportive community to learn, grow, and have fun within! 

Absolutely! The Marriage Masters Membership is designed to respect your privacy and provide a supportive environment that honors your personal boundaries. While our community encourages open communication and shared experiences, we understand the importance of privacy within intimate relationships.

Every member also agrees to the community pledge after joining the membership.

In our membership, you have the freedom to engage with the community at your comfort level. Participation in discussions, events, and activities is always optional, allowing you to maintain the level of privacy you desire.

Our primary focus is to provide you and your partner with valuable resources, expert guidance, and transformative tools to strengthen your relationship in a way that feels comfortable and aligned with your preferences.


You’re going to LOVE it here BUT this is a valid question! 

Fees are non-refundable and you can cancel at anytime! 

If at anytime you aren’t happy with your experience as a member please send an email to hello@loveminuslimits.org.