Meet The Chestnut’s

March Couple Spotlight



Will & Kendra Chestnut

How long have you been married?

5 years

Tell us about your journey. From when you met to marriage:

We met at work and quickly became friends. Our jobs were outsourced and we were forced to look for new employment. During the unemployment period, we began spending more time with each other, which strengthened the friendship. We became best friends. I was offered a position at an amazing company and was told I qualified for a lucrative employee referral bonus. I could think of no better person than Will and I was excited to possibly be able to work with him again. We both started new romantic relationships for awhile but both actually failed around the same time. After healing on both ends, the flirting began. I knew I had romantic feelings for Will before the flirting, but wasn’t sure how he felt about me. We decided to go to Benihana and during dinner, Will asked if it was a date or not. I replied “I don’t know.” As the night progressed, it turned out to be the best first date ever! The rest is history.

Word of Advice for other couples:

Be open and willing to communicate.
Be vulnerable.
Allow your partner to be strong for you…you can’t do it all by yourself!
Respect each other….remember your partner is on your side
Embrace your partner being your best friend because it makes your relationship stronger
Talk about finances OFTEN
Date often, don’t get so caught up with work/kids, etc that you don’t have time for each other
Accept neither of you are perfect
Be responsible for your behavior
Always remember why you love your partner!

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  1. Vida Henderson


    Wow! I love this platform!! The Chestnuts are the real deal! Their marriage is strong and powerful. They are a great example of a marriage of love minus limits and I know because they’re my family!
    Love you, Will and Kendra!

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