Hit the “Reset” Button  

Refresh-Recharge-Renew Your Mindset!

 21 Day Challenge

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I don’t know about you but every now and again I feel like I need to HIT THE RESET. I

feel like something is off track and I am spinning my wheels going no where. All

relationships begin with YOU!  You will be better in your relationships with your spouse,

children, co-workers, and most important yourself!  You have to be emotionally healthy

in order to have healthy relationships! You can’t pour from an empty cup…


How Do I Hit The “RESET” Button?

The 21 day Challenge provides daily affirmations and is broken up into 3 weeks of tools and techniques that will get you ready to GLOW UP and SHIFT your MINDSET. The 21 day journey will silence the self-sabotaging “inner voice.”
The 21 Day Challenge is completed in 3 weeks: 

  • Week #1– What/Where do I need to hit reset? In order to figure out where you need to hit the reset button you will have to figure out where you are in order to get to where you want to be.
  • Week #2 – How will I reset my mindset? Simple! You just Flip the Script! When you flip the script you are turning those negatives into positives. The tools provided to you during this week are both POWERFUL and PRACTICAL.
  • Week #3 – Get ready for the GLOW UP!! Week 3 is all about you! When you complete this week you will be ready to take on the world and it challenges! You will have the techniques and tools you need to GLOW UP!
When you complete this challenge you will be REFRESHED, RENEWED, and RECHARGED.
You will have the tools to continuously SHIFT your MIND and HIT the reset IMMEDIATELY when you begin to feel off track.

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