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January Couple Spotlight

The Rivers


Rodney & Bianca Rivers

How long have you been married?

14 years

Tell us about your journey. From when you met to marriage:

Although we lived 5 minutes away from each other growing up in Gary, Indiana, we never met once there. Fate would have us meet on the campus of Butler University one hot August evening in 1998 during the block party welcome event my freshman year. Rodney was working behind his fraternity’s table passing out flyers. My friend and I knew a few people that were at the table with him from Gary, so we decided to walk over and speak. Rodney spoke to me and ended up asking for my number. I did not have a cell phone or anything, but I did give him the phone number to my dorm room. He called that next day. We began to talk often and would meet up on campus to spend time together. Ultimately, we got along very well with each other. I enjoyed his company and he felt the same way.
Our first official date was to Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner followed by a walk on The Canal. On the walk, we shared our very first kiss -aww. I knew Rodney was special and he did all he could to show me he really liked me. He was respectful, opened doors, and made me laugh.
Rodney says he knew on our very first meeting that I would be his wife- I had no clue that early on he would be my husband. I did know that I really liked him.
During my senior year of college. I became pregnant with our first child. I was scared, but Rodney was amazing. He attended every doctor’s appointment, put up with me crazy craving requests without complaint, and was just all around present and loving. This just sealed the entire deal for me!
He asked for my hand in marriage the old school way from my dad. On Mother’s Day 2003, at my Nana’s house Rodney got on one knee in front of my family, his mother, and his siblings to ask me to marry him. Of course, I said, “YES!” We were married the following year on June 26, 2004.
We have shared so many wonderful times together. We have overcome some challenging seasons. We have prayed each other through life changing moments. We have loved each other unconditionally through it all.
Six kids later, we are still in love and still learning how to love each other better than the year before. We are forever grateful for that warm, summer evening in August of 1998 that brought us together.

Word of Advice for other couples:

Never hold grudges: talk things through, forgive, and give tight loving embraces.
Marriages evolve and change. You must be reflective and do all that is within your power to make your marriage work. Be selfless, be considerate, be present, be loving!
Have fun together! Take time for the two of you!
Shut up and listen! After listening, then respond. Let your actions be your best response.

Anything else you want to include?

Keep folks out of yall business. Pray for one another and with one another!

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