Below are the contents of your digital goodie bag that was included with your VIP Gold ticket for the Black Love Matters Virtual Event. Check out your goodies, we know you’re going to enjoy what’s included! 

Communication Workshop Replay

Communication is key to every aspect of your relationship! Whatever area in your relationship that you want to improve or build, it ALL begins with communication! Check out the replay of one of our latest communication workshops.

Couples Conversation Cards

These cards are being brought to you by Laura Gethers of Love Harder Marraige Coaching, follow her @lovehardermarriagecoaching. Intimacy starts with communication. It is our hope that these cards help you have the conversation that leads to deeper intimacy. Enjoy this opportunity to learn new things about your spouse.

Communication CheckUp Checklist

Are you ready to finally talk without the conversation turning into conflict? This checklist shows you how to CHECK-UP on your communication to begin communicating better — starting today!

12 Month Intentional Guide

Are you ready for 12 REMARKABLE months of marriage ? Love Minus Limits is on a mission to help you LEVEL up to have a ROCK-SOLID marriage by being intentional! The 12 Month Intentional Calendar is the ultimate calendar for your marriage! This guide provides you with a FOCUS each and every month to enhance your marriage in a certain area that’s valueable to the health of your marriage! This calendar is perfect for couples who want to work on their marriage and have guidance, aim, and direction to help them along the way! Did I mention that this guide is 12 months. Grab your copy NOW! Marriage doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful but you MUST show up everyday! This intentional guide will allow you to do just THAT!

Marriage Killers Guide

Quickly Identify What's Killing Your Connection! These things are sometimes overlooked BUT they could definitely be lurking around your marriage! In these cheatsheets we uncover the TOP 10 killers that you may HAVE not even thought about! You will quickly be able to identify them and STOP avoiding them right away!

Consider Joining Our Membership Academy

Don't Settle for an Average Relationship Push the Limits to Make it Amazing! Change doesn't JUST happen you have to Make it Happen, that's why we created Marriage Master's Academy. Learn more by visiting www.marriagemastersacademy.com