Meet The Davis’

February Couple Spotlight



Dantea and Qiana Davis

How long have you been married?

8 years

Tell us about your journey. From when you met to marriage:

My husband and I have been friends for a long time. It started way back in kindergarten when the morning class and afternoon class went on a trip and we shared a cot together. We grew up a block away from each other. Growing up I would always get warm or feel butterflies when he came around. He asked me to be his girlfriend three times and I said no twice but the third time I said yes for a couple days and then I broke it off. August of 2009 we had a block party. Didn’t see him but I saw his brother and asked where was Tae, he said right there. I didn’t recognize him because he had hair…. lots of hair. So at the end of the party we talked and he walked me back to my moms house and asked me if I was dating and why wasn’t I married. I told him I wasn’t dating and I wasn’t married because men were full of crap. His response was I know why you are not married, because your husband is right here. I almost fainted. Fast forward to the end of September he proposed I said yes and we planned our wedding for June 18, 2011. We were sitting around talking at my moms house he fell asleep and woke up in a panic. I’m like what’s wrong with you he said where’s your mom I said in her room. He said we’re getting married. I said I know next year he said no tonight. He said God spoke to him and said she likes to run, you better do it now.. so we were married in my moms living room that night. Here we are 8 years later. Yes there have been obstacles and yes we have wanted to throw in the towel. We didn’t because we were made for this . We are both strong individuals and we fight (in a good way for what we believe in).

Word of Advice for other couples:

Our advice is to keep people out of your situation. Family, friend, dog, cat, birds.
Talk no matter what. That was/ is my (Qiana) issue, I hold stuff in and it’s not a good thing.

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