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Workshops we currently offer:

Couples will discover 7 IMPORTANT strategies their marriage MUST have to build or maintain a solid and strong foundation. 

(suggested for newlyweds or couples that have been married for 5+ years)

Couples will learn to shift their mindset to push pass their feelings to increase self awareness and experience a deeper love.

Couples will take a deep dive into how they can OWN THEIR ISH and take charge of their emotions to recognize, understand, and express what they want and wish from their spouse.

Couples will identify areas they need to fuel the FLAME to keep the LOVE lit in order to deepen their connection. 

Couples will discover the secret sauce they need to keep their marriage filled with excitement to have the honeymoon feeling forever! 

Couples will go through a series of activities to create and maintain their “blueprint” on how they do life TOGETHER that will feel GOOD to them and give their marriage direction.

Couples will learn how to solve conflict as teammates not opponents while developing new habits to strengthen their bond. 

Couples will explore solutions to turn things around in their marriage using practical solutions to reset negative cycles of surviving to thrive in their marriage! 

Couples will use role play to learn practical and proven strategies that will allow them to TALK more and ARGUE less.