There Is Truly Something Special About Black Love

Love comes in many forms, but there’s something truly special about Black love. It’s resilient, powerful, and deeply rooted in culture and community. At this Black Love Matters event, happening on March 23,  couples from all walks of life will come together to celebrate and honor the beauty and strength of Black love. We’re excited to connect with couples and celebrate the beauty, strength and our resilience to stand ten toes down in love despite the societal pressures and challenges unique to Black couples. 

 Get ready to experience the beauty of Black love like never before!

Let's Take A Closer Look Why You Should Attend

The evening will be filled with with inspiration, connection, and empowerment. The Marshalls, our host couple will keep you engaged and entertained. From the engaging panel discussions with our three couples therapist, Elvery Tinsley, Hazel Owens, and Alexander Burks, moderated by the “Hope Man” himself, Jermaine Jernigan of the Hope Institute, to the upscale dinner catered by the Cooking Besties, and the after-party with D.J. Shay will move our soul with music to keep the celebration going.

This event is a celebration of Black love in all its glory. Whether you’re dating, engaged married, or somewhere in between, we welcome you with open arms and you will be embraced by the warmth and love of our community.

The Best Part Is

You’re not just attending a celebration you’re contributing to a movement. A movement that builds connection, inspires lasting bonds, and champions the power of love.

And experience the following:

Normalizing Relationship Challenges: Let’s face it, every couple faces their fair share of challenges. We’re coming together to normalize those challenges and provide support and guidance to overcome them.

Building Community with Other Dope Black Couples: . Connect with other couples who share your experiences, values, and aspirations. Build friendships, share stories, and celebrate the beauty of your relationship.
Celebrating Black Love in Luxury: We deserve luxury experience, let’s celebrate your love with class! Celebrate the love that keeps you strong, united, and thriving.
Leaving Feeling Inspired:  Every moment is designed to leave you feeling uplifted, empowered, and ready to take on the world and keep rocking and rolling together.
We can’t wait to see you and celebrate Black Love in all it’s Beauty! 

Ticket sales end March 16th,  1 ticket admits 2 people

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