November Spotlight

The Tinsley’s

High school sweethearts, married 20 years, with three teenagers ages 18, 15, and 14. We have a passion to see others thrive in life and in relationships. We have made our share of mistakes, disappointments and failures throughout the years. We have experienced both the mountain top and the valley in our marriage. We have gained a wealth of knowledge along the way. Our goal is to give readers a firsthand look into what we continuously do to improve our relationship, as parents and in our individual life. The passion for seeing others WIN has impelled us upon a journey to encourage and empower others. Nate’ holds a B.S. in Social and Behavioral Science, minor Sociology. She has studied human society and is very knowledgeable in the areas of both pyschology and sociology. Tony holds a B.S. in Automated Technology but also loves to complete home improvement projects. Put these two together and there is no limit to what they can do!

Fun Facts About The Tinsley’s

Spare time.. what is that?? With 3 teenagers there is NEVER EVER a dull moment in our life. Family time is EVERYTHING to them!! They have become very intentional about it since their days of being empty nesters are on the horizon. Dates nights and exploring new happy hours is one of their favorite things too. They both enjoy and believe in the balance of spending time with “the girls” and “the guys.”  They also LOVE to travel. One of their traveling goals is to find the place where they will retire in the future. Currently reside in Indiana and would love to move to a warmer climate for retirement. Nate’ is typically the nerd that loves to read self help books about personal development, marriage/relationships, parenting, etc. She does most of the writing for the blog and creating social media content. Tony on the other hand loves home improvement projects. His role is typically participating in brainstorming and planning sessions.  We are excited about this journey to learn together, empower and encourage others!!

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