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Hello from the Dynamic Duo behind the Love Minus Limits Community! 


We met in high school, fell in love rather quick, got engaged, said I do 2 years later while we both were under the age of 21. 

By year 2, we both were wondering what did we sign up for? This surely wasn’t it!


We knew that there was more to marriage than what we were experiencing! We thought that love was enough. We stayed true to our faith in GOD that he would bring us through but we felt that wasn’t enough at times, if we’re keeping it REAL!


We became parents and that added to our frustrations as a couple. We didn’t want to be another black marriage in the divorce statistics so we began working on our marriage! We began to read every marriage book, stayed strong in our faith, attended marriage retreats, went to therapy, and began surrounding ourselves with other positive couples. 


The transformation wasn’t as swift as we thought it was. We had seasons of ups and downs. We had valley experiences as well as mountaintop experiences. We continued to fight through the down times and even still felt like throwing in the towel.  After fighting our way off of the emotional rollercoaster and deciding to take divorce off the table. We decided that we were either going to be all in or just call it quits. So we chose to go all in and decided that we needed to work as a team after reading George Kenworthy’s book, Last Resort.


With our teamwork perspective we became to implement tools and resources we learned over the years from therapy, uplifting sermons, and marriage books. It was then that I, Nate’, decided to begin a blog to share things I journaled about during our journey of going all in. With that Love Minus Limits Was Birthed. After the positive feedback, what started out as a weekly blog inspired me to turn this into a full relationship business to begin helping other couples WIN and apply the teamwork method to their marriage!


Love + Teamwork = A Strong Marriage 


This is what gives us meaning and purpose in our mission at Love Minus Limits! We want to see couples who are committed go from conflict to connection. Check our our mission, vision, and purpose on the Home page


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The Tinsley’s, Your Marriage Mastery Mentors