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The Tinsley's

Hello!! We’re thrilled you’re here because that means you’re looking to enhance or create a better relationship! Either way, welcome! 

We are the dynamic duo #TeamTinsley behind Love Minus Limits and the Marriage Masters Academy. Tony & Nate’ met in high school, fell in love rather quickly, got engaged, said I do 2 years later while they both were under the age of 21. They have been married since June 1998 and have been blessed with three beautiful children. 

They founded Love Minus Limits in 2018 to help couples enjoy their marriage and build healthy families with the goal of showing BLACK LOVE is a REAL and ATTAINABLE.  After 20+ years of experience, they love to share wisdom, research-backed strategies, and what they KNOW works and doesn’t work. 

They are on a mission to help couples stay married and enjoy their marriage while saying bye to conflict and hello to connection! 

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“After we were back from the 2020 retreat, which I have to say was great! I learned alot about myself and my NOW fiance'. We learned how to really communicate and deal with our differences better. So with that being said, we're engaged NOW! Can't wait until next year. Thank you for all your hard work!!!!!"
"My wife and I enjoyed the Think Like a Team 2020 Marriage Retreat. We are looking forward to next going next year. The information was empowering as well as very practical."
“This is an amazing resource for couples of all stages. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the uplifting quotes and articles. From someone that has been through a divorce and knows first hand the work that goes into marriage this gives me hope. Please keep doing what you're doing!"
"I love you my friend! You are such a blessing to wives and those you cross paths with. Keep being great! You are appreciated" 💟❤️
“Ever since I started following your blog and reading the articles my marriage has drastically improved. So…Thank you! Just wanted to let you know you’re making a real impact on arguably the most important aspect of life.”
"I ran across your blog last night. It is so dope. I commend you for giving back to others in such a way. Having great resources when married is so important. I think what you are doing is amazing. "

Top 10 Behaviors That Are Killing Your Marriage

Quickly identify what killing your connection with your spouse! Also, it's a good checkup for your marriage to make sure these behaviors aren't lurking around your marriage and not realizing that they are slowly killing your marriage. You don't want to wait until it's too late. Know what's killing other relationships so you can avoid them!

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