Transform Your Marriage With A Deeper Connection.

Love brought you together, connection will keep you together.

A Deeper Connection Allows You To

Feel more loved & appreciated

Be less frustrated

Have more fun together

We Understand, Marriage Takes Work So...

  • don’t waste another minute hoping for a better marriage! 
  • bring back the newlywed passion you once had in the beginning of your marriage! 
  • kiss your comfort zone goodbye and do what it takes! 
  • invest in your relationship because life is too short to NOT enjoy it! 

There is no one RIGHT way to do marriage but there are several ways to do it WRONG.

Ways to Work With Us

Group Coaching Membership

Our Marriage Masters Membership is the place for couples who want to surround themselves with a FUN group of couples who are learning, growing, and strengthening their marriage. 

Invest in your marriage and learn new strategies and solutions to see REAL change in your marriage that you can use to: 

  • Get that honeymoon phase feeling back 
  • Have a strong emotional connection 
  • Stop arguing over the same things 
  • Enjoy the one you’re with

Attend an Event or Workshop

We host marriage enrichment events throughout the year. These events are created with couples in mind to provide quick wins and take your marriage off autopilot. 

These events allow you to give your marriage the attention and care it needs by focusing on each other for one weekend. Use this time to enrich your marriage while stepping away from work, taking care of the home and the kids some quality time together. 

Stay connected with us on Facebook or Instagram and also join our email list to stay in the know of what events and workshops we offer throughout the year. 

Events we host: Black Love Celebration,  Annual Couples Getaway, Weekend Intensive Workshops

Bring One of Our Workshops to Your Organization, Club, or Group

Our workshops are specialized and curated using our Master Your Marriage Blueprint™️. 

Our workshops can provide couples with the opportunity to receive new insights and receive research-backed strategies that will dramatically improve their relationship and strengthen their connection. 

To learn more about the workshops we offer, visit here or click button below.  

If you’re interested in bringing our workshops to your organization, church, or group please use this contact form below or email us at hello@loveminuslimits.org and we will respond within 48 hours. We can create a customized workshop or series of workshops for your community organization or group!

No More Guessing How to Make Your Marriage Work..